FAYE is a project launched beginning of 2022 under the creative direction of Faye Ricchitelli, with a genuine desire to make clothing make clothing respecting ethical practices. Creativity is not her only goal; applying conscious business practice is of utmost importance to Faye. 

Drawing daily inspiration from her surroundings, like the colorful streets and bright landscape, along with the local history and culture. Combined with a strong desire to create pieces with a story, clothes with meaning, and style with a philosophy. 

The result is unique prints created by the brand, playful graphics, and comfortable garments. Everything is printed in Como and produced in a family-scale atelier in Florence to ensure quality and respect our standards.

Designed for those who share the same ideology and like-minded outlook on life, rather than just identity. FAYE strongly believes vacations are not just a moment in time but an everyday attitude. Playful, colorful, and fun, this is FAYE.

We stand for fun nights full of laughter and dancing, long walks admiring the golden hours, and forever-lasting chats around a shared feast. A taste of freedom where time doesn't exist. Endless vacation; FAYECATIONS