“Small scale production, minimum waste, using existing or recycled products, organic fabrics, and the eagerness to create garments with a story” is the statement Faye Ricchitelli made when she started the brand.

As a young and new brand, it is primordial for us to rethink how the fashion industry impacts the environment and apply guidelines to have a more honest ecosystem. To do so, it was essential to have the whole production in the same region, Northern Italy, to ensure direct contact with all the different ateliers and to adapt or rectify the garments at any moment. 

In Como, we develop our prints with a company that has been doing it for 30 years. Mattia is in direct contact with us to offer excellent follow-up on our projects. We are using high-quality fabric, producing quantities that correspond to our audience—a way to avoid overproduction and waste.

In Florence, the FAYE team can rely on an Atelier, mostly doing custom work and tailoring, that shares the same passion for quality and dedication to delivering garments produced with care and devotion.

The establishment's savoir-faire is guaranteed with Alessandra's constant presence during the process. 

Despite fun, colorful and playful outfits, the final result is clothing with a meaning, a story, and particular attention to how it is produced. Fashion has to be rethought to ensure a bright and safer future for our planet and the next generation.